And access it from anywhere in the world!

I’m struck by the fantastical marketing claims from so many hardware vendors that everything you buy today is accessible from the internet. Do you even know what that means? Your average household can barely change their router password, yet they need to punch a hole in their firewall and open up a product which cannot be updated to the world. The World. So they probably use UPNP or something, which, honestly, I never understood. I just disable it for everything because I read early on how fucked it is and useless if you know what port-forwarding ss.

I still haven’t had the courage to open up anything I have, to the dismay of my partner who would really like to access her music. I tried that one time and the thing got hacked in a week.

Don’t open ports. Use a VPN if you have to, but not even then. Just disconnect everything.


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