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Google Nexus 7 (2012 wifi aka “grouper”), MultiRom Manager, and CyanogenMod 11 install notes

MultiRom Manager is one of the coolest hacks to come out of the android rom development scene. It allows you to choose a rom to use at boot. It only works with this one model of tablet! It’s weird.

So anyhoo, I couldn’t figure out if it was safe to install Cyanogen, knowing it uses a different recovery than most other roms. People were doing it, but my first try led to a boot loop.

The secret is when you add the rom (not easy to find! You have to boot into the TWRP recovery, choose advanced, then MultiRom, to add roms. Don’t waste your time in the GUI) you need to say “NOT SHARED”. This means you arent using the same kernel that your primary rom uses and filling in what Cyanogen is expecting.

Hope this helps someone out who found this via specific keywords or something. Haha.

Oh and here’s a link to a PwnPad fork for Nexus as well.: